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Land Trust Made simple
CEJA is partnering with Financial Literacy Network in order to provide members with valuable, generational changing information. Real Estate & Land Trust Training taught by industry expert Randy Hughes.

Randy knew that there MUST be a better way to live. He decided to break the cycle of poverty in his family's genes. To succeed, he knew education came first. Randy graduated from Eastern Illinois University and began buying single-family homes for rental while in college. After college, Randy tried many different types of businesses. He always came back to the Single Family Home as the IDEAL investment. Since purchasing his first rental house in 1969, Randy hasn’t looked back!

Mr. Land Trust is your resource for all things Land Trust, real estate trust, privacy, and asset protection related. Classes begin June. For more information please Contact Us
4/22/2023 11:30 AM
Guest Speakers
Guest Speakers 
Dr. Robert Davis              Jennifer Bonino
Senator James Coleman   Robert White 
Jennifer Bacon                 Emmett Hobley
Sunni Benoit
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